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Paint Protection Film

A virtually invisible film to keep your paint looking fresh

for years to come-with the warranty to back it up.

Why Get PPF?

You pay so much for your vehicle-and maybe waited months to get it.  

Protect your investment with paint protection film (ppf),

a virtually invisible film that shields your vehicle from:

•rock chips and dents    •stains    •oil and tar    •insects 

Increase the sale or trade in value of your vehicle-keep your paint in like-new condition.


Don’t plan on selling?  Keep your baby looking young for many years to come.

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What kind of coverage do I need?

The most common package is the front end, which includes:

hood/fender/mirrors-standard coverage is 18", but 24", 30", or full hood is available on request.

and the front bumper.

While that might do for the average driver-keep in mind how you specifically use your vehicle...

Headlights, fog lights and sunroofs-worth covering! The Alberta roads can be a treacherous place, PPF is a great investment in protection against costly replacement parts.

Dually fenders see almost as much action as the front end of your truck, and deserve the same protection as your hood and bumper.

Calling all welders! (And everyone else using their trucks for work.)  Protect the box from damage when slinging your gear in and out with a strip along the tailgate and box sides.

Door cups can become scratched quite easily, from holding your keys in hand, wearing jewelery, or having longer fingernails.

Price My PPF
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Can I still benefit from PPF on my used vehicle?

Paint protection film isn’t just for brand new vehicles.  If you’ve got yourself a used vehicle with a few chips, it is still worth protecting!


Any vehicle in good condition can benefit from paint protection film to keep it looking as good in 5 years as it does today. 

Fix your chips and then cover it like brand new paint, or protect your existing paint from further damage.


Why choose Fine Line to do your ppf?

Shop local! Save your time (and your gas money!) by staying in Drayton Valley.

Family owned and operated. We pride ourselves on our great customer service.

You are so much more than just a number to us.

Competitive Pricing. We strive to offer affordable pricing to our customers.  We will price match our competitors in all applicable situations.

Installation & Manufacturers Warranties.  All jobs done by our team have a one year warranty against installation defects, with an additional manufacturers warranty.

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